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The purely medical approach is rarely successful because it does not get to the cause of the problem. Back pain usually has multiple causes, for example posture, repetitive stress, muscle spasm, joint misalignment, stresses from other parts of the body, arthritic changes. All the factors involved must be recognized and treated to effect a cure.

Our Chester Chiropractor Treats People of All Ages From 2 weeks to 98 Years

We can help you with your problems no matter how old (or young) you are. Our youngest patient is 2 weeks old and the oldest is 98.

Problems can start from birth and, of course, a baby cannot tell you what is wrong. It can only cry. A spinal and cranial assessment/treatment can ease your baby’s discomfort and help them develop into healthy pain-free adults.

We also help the elderly. It is a myth that you “just have to put up with arthritis” Although it is not possible to get rid of arthritis, many of its painful side effects are relieved easily and, in most cases, osteoarthritis need only be experienced as a mild ache.

Medical – Functional – Holistic

After taking a full medical history and performing spinal, orthopaedic and neurological examinations our Chester Chiropractor rules out any serious pathology and make a standard medical diagnosis (eg slipped disc)

This means exploring how muscles and joints move together. How is the body working? Are muscles over-tight or too weak? Are the spinal joints moving correctly without restriction?

Finally we make an holistic assessment. This means looking at other factors that may influence the problem such as posture, stress, hyper-pronation of the feet

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After a comprehensive analysis of your problem it is possible to develop an effective treatment plan.

If you would like to find out more about our chiropractic treatment or at either our Chester or St Asaph branches, please ring 01244 637535 for an informal chat or email us at [email protected]

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