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Back Doctor Chiropractic Clinic

Back Doctor Chiropractic Clinic

  • Medication-Free Relief from Discomfort
  • Treating Causes not Symptoms
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If you are suffering from a sudden attack of severe pain we will help get rid of it fast. We will diagnose the problem, treat you, give you advice and a long term rehabilitation programme. For advice and downloads take a look at our Emergency Back Pain page.

If you  have suffered for more than a few weeks you may need a more holistic approach. We will work with you to get to the root of the problem and to help resolve it for good.

After taking a full medical history and performing spinal, orthopaedic and neurological examinations, we rule out any serious pathology and make a medical diagnosis (eg slipped disc)

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Standard Massage Techniques
Deep Tissue Massage/Remedial Massage
Sports Massage
Trigger Point Therapy
Active Release Technique (ART)
Myofascial Release
Positional Release (Strain Counterstrain)
Visceral Manipulation

I combine many other techniques with my chiropractic manipulation. Massage and stretching are vital components of any treatment plan. In the following articles I talk about different hands-on techniques that I use during treatment sessions. (read more…)

hip arthritis

Hip arthritis is a common type of arthritis and affects a lot of people. It can cause a wide range of problems because the hip is a weight-bearing joint.  Hip arthritis can be managed effectively with treatment if the symptoms are diagnosed early. (read more…)

Headache Introduction
Tension Headaches
Cervicogenic Headaches
Migraine Headaches
Cluster and Secondary Headaches
Headache Self-Help Tips

Most people are prone to headaches  in different parts of the head and neck, with pain can ranging from mild to severe. (read more…)

back pain and sleep

Back pain and sleeplessness go hand in hand. Sleep deprivation is not only bad for your health, it can also worsen existing problems. According to some studies, lack of sleep can make you more sensitive to pain and can cause fatigue, which can make the pain even worse. (read more…)

chiropractic for musicians

If you want to suffer from less aches and pains, and if you want to improve the quality of the music you play there are seven things that you should do. These are not things you will learn from a traditional music teacher. First, let me explain. (read more…)