Mr. Massey’s Babies and Children programme helps to ensure that your children develop properly with minimal pain so that you can focus on helping them grow into happy and successful adults.


The birth process puts a lot of pressure on your baby’s head and neck. Distortions that happen at this time can give rise to headaches and neck pain. Of course your baby can not tell you this and all they can do is cry. The cry of a baby in pain may be mistaken for colic, and if you have tried the accepted remedies for colic unsuccessfully, it may be worth trying a cranial treatment.

There have been no large scale studies to show whether or not cranial work can help babies with colic. Cranial therapist have claimed to treat all sorts of infantile conditions like glue ear, earache, asthma, breathing difficulties and, of course, colic. Chiropractors cannot claim to treat these conditions successfully because no large scale RCTs have been carried out, so no evidence is available.

The following elements make up the baby programme at our Chester and North Wales clinics: Assessment, Craniosacral therapy, Treatment. (The baby assessment consists of different tests compared with the adult assessment, while treatment is much gentler for babies than for adults)


As your baby grows into a child they may suffer all kinds of aches and pains. You should not ignore your children’s pain. If they complain of persistent pain it is worthwhile giving them a proper chiropractic examination and getting a diagnosis. Most pains in children pass quite quickly, but it can be a sign of something more serious. The seeds of back pain are sewn early in life. The usual programme for a child, in our Chester and North Wales clinics, is a combination of the following elements; Assessment, Tailored home exercise, Pain Management, Craniosacral therapy, Treatment


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