Back Pain

The back pain treatment at our Chester and St Asaph Clinics will bring you quick relief, uproot the cause of back pain, give you home exercises, and support you with ongoing care if you need it.

Holistic Back Pain Treatment

Mr Massey’s unique and flexible approach  combines medical, functional and holistic paradigms. Most health professionals tend to focus on one or two of these elements, but it is rare to find someone who pays equal attention to all three.

The medical approach means that you get a full examination and case history, pathology is ruled out and you are given a diagnosis.

The functional/chiropractic approach focuses on the movement and inter-reaction between joints and muscles. It looks at your posture and repetitive work/movement patterns. If you improve your movement and change the causes of your problem then you will get better.

The holistic approach is important if you have chronic back pain. The holistic approach considers the whole of your body, mind and spirit. Dysfunction in your knees may effect your neck. Stress, illness in the family, attitudes and beliefs may all be factors in back pain. A holistic approach means you will be supported to change what you need to in  your diet, work, and exercise, not just while you have back pain, but every day.

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