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How We Can Help You

If you are suffering from a sudden attack of severe pain we will help get rid of it fast in our Chester Chiropractic Clinic. We will diagnose the problem, treat you, give you advice and a long term rehabilitation programme. For advice and downloads take a look at our Emergency Back Pain page.

If you  have suffered for more than a few weeks you may need a more holistic approach. We will work with you to get to the root of the problem and to help resolve it for good.

After taking a full medical history and performing spinal, orthopaedic and neurological examinations, we rule out any serious pathology and make a medical diagnosis (eg slipped disc)

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Finding our Chester Chiropractic Clinic

The Old Rectory, St Marys Hill,
Chester CH1 2DW
Phone: 01244 637535
  • Back Doctor Chiropractic (Chester)

Free Downloads

Emergency Back Pain Guide
Chiropractic Exercise Program

Back Pain

Chester chiropractic clinic can help with back pain

Back Doctor will bring you quick relief, uproot the cause of back pain, give you home exercises, and support you with ongoing care if you need it.... Read More... 

Neck Pain

chester chiropractic clinic can help neck painThe key with neck pain is to recognise that every case is different and many factors, like posture, how the strain happened, and where the pain is referred...        Read More... 


Chester chiropractic clinic can help with headaches

Have you got used to managing headaches through diet, rest and painkillers, and do you feel that there is no solution and you “just have to put up with them”?...           Read More... 

Muscle and Joint Pain

Chester chiropractic clinic for muscle and joint painChiropractic techniques to mobilise joints and muscles are different from... standard physiotherapy treatment. Mr Massey takes a holistic approach...     Read More... 

The Back Doctor

Mr Massey graduated in 2004 with first class honours in chiropractic. Since that time he has treated over 2,000 patients at his practices in Chester and St Asaph. He continues to study and develop his approach. 

"There is an epidemic of back pain in he UK and yet most people do not need to suffer at all. I am passionate about giving people the right treatment, the right education and the right exercises, so they can live active pain-free lives".Read More... 

Our Guarantee

Depending on your age and specific needs you will require an individual approach. We have unique plans for newborns, children, sudden flare ups, chronic pain, arthritis, nerve damage (eg sciatica), pregnancy pain,  sport injuries and peak performers such as dancers and athletes.

We guarantee to

  • Listen carefully
  • Take a medical history
  • Check your posture, muscle tone and spinal mobility
  • Discuss your diagnosis and treatment plan
  • Treat you to get you out of pain in the short term
  • Devise a long term rehabilitation programme if necessary


Mr Massey's input has been kind, professional, caring and most importantly based on sound scientific judgements. It has not only been a healing experience with him but also a learning one. Very often we forget that each part of the body is connected to the other parts and the holistic approach is the best way for long term well-being and happiness.  – S Sethi, Consultant Paediatrician MBBS, MD, MRCP, FRCPCH, MPH  Read More... 

Even after the first appointment I couldn’t believe the difference, it felt like a huge weight had literally been lifted off my head, and for the first time in over 10 years I didn’t have a headache. Steve has taught me how to relax both my body and mind  and, for a long period of time, I have not had a headache. I can honestly say it has really changed my life.                       – W Smith                        Read More... 

Steve helped get me back on my feet and back to work in just a few weeks. That would have been good enough but then an extended treatment over the next few months had me back in the gym and rebuilding my back muscles. The work with Steve now means that I can actually feel the health of my spine and correct issues before it becomes a painful problem.  – D. Heaton-Rue     Read More... 

I have a condition called symphysis pubis diastasis (SPD) which is extremely painful and can be completely debilitating. I have seen my midwife, consultant obstetrician and physiotherapist but none of them has been able to help me. They have offered me strong pain-killers, a very long stay in hospital and early induction of my labour. 1 treatment a week with Stephen Massey changed my life. – L Smith           Read More... 

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pain posture at chester chiropactic clinic
A patient asked me today about pain travelling up their back from a corn on their foot. This is something that most people intuit; If you have a problem with your foot that affects your gait you will find that you may start to get pain in your low back or even higher in the neck. (read more...)

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I combine many other techniques with my chiropractic manipulation. Massage and stretching are vital components of any treatment plan. In the following articles I talk about different hands-on techniques that I use during treatment sessions. (read more...)

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Hip arthritis is a common type of arthritis and affects a lot of people. It can cause a wide range of problems because the hip is a weight-bearing joint.  Hip arthritis can be managed effectively with treatment if the symptoms are diagnosed early. (read more...)