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Joint and Muscle Pain

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Joint and Muscle pain has many causes,  from traumatic injury, RSI and referral associated with back pain or neck pain. A proper diagnosis of the cause of the pain is essential to its treatment.

Joint and Muscle Pain Treatment

Chiropractic techniques to mobilise the areas affected joint and local muscles are different from a standard physiotherapy treatment and, not only that, Mr Massey takes a holistic approach to all his joint and muscle pain treatments. Using standard physiotherapy techniques may not be enough, and the key to successful rehabilitation of injuries is to treat holistically. For example knee pain may be influenced by misalignment of the low back. Where months of knee and leg treatment have got nowhere, treating the back as well may be the factor that makes the difference. As knee problems affect and are affected by the hips and the feet, these areas may need assessment and treatment too. The same applies to every joint and muscle in the body; the spinal joints and other joints in the same limb are likely to affect the injured area and all need to be treated to affect a full recovery.

Of course treatment alone is often not enough for joint and muscle pain, and you will be given a programme of rehabilitative exercises to practice at home. These are likely to include joint mobilisation (gentle rotary movements), stretching and strengthening. Postural exercises may be used where appropriate.

Our chiropractor’s unique approach to joint and muscle pain is that he uses a combination of physiotherapy and osteopath techniques alongside his chiropractic training, at his clinics in Chester and North Wales

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