Mr Massey uses chiropractic and craniosacral therapy techniques to help ease the discomforts of pregnancy and to ensure your baby’s optimum development. He works from his clinics in Chester and St Asaph

Chiropractic Treatment for Pregnant Mothers

Being pregnant puts a lot of strain on your body, especially your back. (See blog post Back Pain and Pregnancy) During pregnancy your ligaments become loose and this can be the cause of back pain and other pains in the body. The lightest of touch will often help to realign the body leading to rapid pain relief. A common problem in pregnancy is symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD). This is often due to slippage of the pubic joint which may have become loosened in preparation for birth. We use gentle techniques to help ease this very painful condition. These techniques are suitable right up to birth.  Pubic symphysis dysfunction is  a condition commonly treated by chiropractors, but there have been no RCTs relating to it, so there is no evidence that this condition can be treated successfully by chiropractors.

Mr Massey’s treatment can also reduce pressure around the womb; Gentle massage on the pregnant mother’s abdomen can relax the muscles above and below the growing baby giving the child freedom to develop without pressure.

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Video: The Causes and Treatment of Pubic Symphysis Dysfunction

How we treat Pubic Symphysis dysfunction at our Chester and North Wales Clinics.