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Back-Doctor Chiropractic clinics have branches in St Asaph and Chester.  Our unique approach combines osteopathchiropractic and physiotherapy techniques and we have relieved back pain, neck pain and headaches for thousands of people over the last ten years.  We have helped people with long term problems and with sudden flare ups.

The cause of back pain is often poor movement at the spinal joints.  We will align your muscles, bones and joints so that they move more freely. With improved movement you may find that pain gets less, long term problems get better and you will be able to perform better at whatever you do.

To support your long term rehabilitation we will give you simple exercises to perform at home.  These may include  stretching, strengthening, mobilisation (gentle movement)  and posture work.

Chiropractic Clinic in St Asaph

If you are a professional or serious amateur athlete  and a high level of fitness is important to you may want to have ongoing treatment. We can help you in your endeavours to achieve peak performance.

As you get older it is inevitable that you will start to get arthritis, so you may benefit from our arthritis/chronic pain programme. You can’t get rid of arthritis but you can reduce the pain a lot.  Education, the right diet and exercises combined with a regular MOT/check up will keep you healthy and fit however old you are.

Our chiropractor in St Asaph  treats pregnant mothers,  (helping to relieve  symphysis pubis dysfunction and back pain) He also treats babies and children ,  helping them to develop good posture as they grow into strong and healthy adults.

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A patient asked me today about pain travelling up their back from a corn on their foot. This is something that most people intuit; If you have a problem with your foot that affects your gait you will find that you may start to get pain in your low back or even higher in the neck.

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Standard Massage Techniques
Deep Tissue Massage/Remedial Massage
Sports Massage
Trigger Point Therapy
Active Release Technique (ART)
Myofascial Release
Positional Release (Strain Counterstrain)
Visceral Manipulation

I combine many other techniques with my chiropractic manipulation. Massage and stretching are vital components of any treatment plan. In the following articles I talk about different hands-on techniques that I use during treatment sessions. (read more…)

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Hip arthritis is a common type of arthritis and affects a lot of people. It can cause a wide range of problems because the hip is a weight-bearing joint.  Hip arthritis can be managed effectively with treatment if the symptoms are diagnosed early. (read more…)