The beginning of a child’s life is remarkable; from conception, through pregnancy, birth and expansion into the world, every new awareness is a miracle. Your baby’s nervous system is changing and growing rapidly. The imprints from this time will travel with them, moulding their core and affecting their experience for the whole of their life.

The focus of Birthcare is to make your baby’s development in the womb, their birth, and the first year of their life as positive and joyful as possible. This means supporting you, the mother, to be happy and pain-free because, in the beginning, you are their world; Your experience is your baby’s experience.

I have treated many pregnant mothers and babies in my time as a chiropractor and craniosacral therapist. I work from Back Doctor chiropractic clinics which I run in Chester and North Wales. I have a unique skill set and I believe that there is a great need for what I have to offer. In the long term I hope to train therapists to support midwives as BirthCare practitioners.