A detailed medical history and  chiropractic consultation lead to a good diagnosis and an effective treatment plan.  Once your problem, what you want from the treatment, and any relevant medical details have been discussed, the assessment can begin. The consultation will  remain strictly confidential.

Our consultation combines orthopaedic, neurological, chiropractic, osteopath and physiotherapy elements. It will involve palpating your muscles and assessing the movement of your joints. Skin temperature and colouration will also be assessed.  You may have your strength and reflexes checked. If there are any signs of concern you may be referred to the relevant specialist with a covering letter. Otherwise Mr Massey, our chiropractor will devise a management plan for you. The plan will, as far as possible, tell you how much better you will get and how quickly.

When Mr Massey has completed his chiropractic consultation he will discuss his advised treatment plan and any home exercises you might need to do. Of course all the information held about you at the clinic is strictly confidential. If there is no need to refer you on, and Mr Massey does not require any further information from you, he will normally give you your first treatment right away.