Craniosacral therapy is a gentle healing modality that works on a deep level. Sometimes the subtlest of changes have the most profound effect. Craniosacral therapy works best for people who favour a very gentle approach or for people who have eased their pain with chiropractic treatment and wish to work with more subtle underlying tensions.

Craniosacral therapy is effective in the treatment of babies as it can help to restore mobility to cranial plates (bones of the skull) which may have become distorted during the birth process. The touch is very gentle and babies love it. They usually have a long sleep afterward and changes start to happen straight away after the first treatment. Mr. Massey’s training as a chiropractor ensures that your baby will have a thorough assessment prior to treatment.

Not only is craniosacral therapy helpful in the treatment of babies and children but adults get a lot of benefits too. In combination with chiropractic treatment, it can help to ease headaches, general aches and pains and above all, it will take you to a place of deep relaxation and healing which you will be able to access more and more in your everyday life. Craniosacral therapy is a powerful defender against stress which is an important factor in many illnesses today.

Pregnant mothers get a lot of benefit from craniosacral therapy, not only easing the discomforts of pregnancy but also benefiting the baby by releasing tensions around the womb.

Mr. Massey has practiced craniosacral therapy for over 15 years at his practices in Chester and North Wales

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