At each stage of development your child is using new muscles and developing new neural pathways to control their movement. 

  • When they first start to hold their head up, the natural curvature of the neck begins to appear as the muscles in the upper back and neck develop.
  • When they start to crawl the whole of the back, including the pelvis and legs are being used .
  • When they stand up the curvatures of the spine, particularly the low back develop and the new movement patterns are triggered throughout the body.
  • When they start to talk they begin to use new muscles in the face, mouth, and neck.

They carry the movement patterns that they develop now for the rest of their life.

I spend a lot of time helping people change the postural habits and movement patterns that they learnt as children. I believe that it is harder to change these patterns as an adult than it is to set them up correctly as children. At each stage of development, especially in the first year, your child may benefit from having their posture and movement patterns  assessed and corrected if necessary.