To complement your chiropractic treatment you may need to think about your diet for back pain. What you take into your body has a big effect on your health. The food you eat can have a positive or negative effect on the level of pain you feel, the development of arthritis, osteoporosis, joint mobility, muscle strength and your state of mind. Mr Massey can help you analyse your diet and advise you how to eat more healthily. Health supplements can help in your rehabilitation programme too.

We all know that diet plays an important part in our health. But do you really know how much your diet can affect how you feel? Eating the right food can help you feel energised and relaxed and it can help you feel less pain too. Some foods such as those with highly processed ingredients will raise the level of inflammation in the body while foods such as green vegetables, nuts and anything with the right omega oils will actively reduce inflammation.

As well as altering your diet to eat what is best for you, you can also take supplements aimed specifically at joint health,  pain reduction, relaxation, or sleeplessness etc. There are many products such as glucosamine that are recommended for joint health and it can be an expensive minefield deciding what is right for you. It is important to get the right advice and we can help you here.