Telehealth Consultations During the Corvid 19 Pandemic

We are closing the clinic for at least a few weeks until the Corvid 19 outbreak has subsided because we are concerned that, no matter how stringent our hygiene, if we stay open, we may be responsible for passing the virus on to vulnerable people.

We have set up a telehealth consultation service to offer you our support if you are suffering and unable to get treatment. Our hypnotherapy programme is focused on grief, anxiety and depression. We are not working on weight loss, giving up smoking etc.

If you sign up for a hypnotherapy consultation, you will receive a phone call or WhatsApp video call for 45 mins. We will follow this up with a personalised video hypnotherapy programme via our App on your mobile phone or PC.  We can follow up with further consultations and progression to your exercise programme if you need it.

Hypnotherapy can help with pain relief, relaxation, weight issues, smoking and many factors that contribute to back pain. As well as being a qualified chiropractor, Mr Massey is also a practising hypnotherapist with many years of experience.

Not only can hypnotherapy help with curing more intractable back problems and pain relief , it can also help you lead a more fulfilled life by helping you to overcome obstacles. Mr Massey has always been interested in the holistic approach and this means working with both the body and mind together. Chiropractic is one of the fastest most effective ways of treating musculo-skeletal pain while hypnotherapy is a powerful and effective tool for treating imbalances in the mind/emotions. Together they make a powerful combination for healing on every level.