As your baby develops, your muscles, joints and ligaments become stretched, twisted and . These imbalances mean that your womb can be pulled out of shape, putting pressure on your baby. This can cause them discomfort, even distress. In trying to make themselves more comfortable, they may move into a position that could make birth more difficult.

Aligning the spine and pelvis, combined with craniosacral release techniques on the abdomen reduces distortions around the womb, helping your baby to relax and to feel more comfortable. They may change position during or immediately after a session.

Your baby may experience this gentle, directive touch as a form of communication. They often respond by pushing back and by moving in the same way as they respond to voices, particularly your voice or their father. Communication with your baby while in the womb can help prepare them for birth. It is good to talk to them, and I will teach you ways to communicate through touch.