repetitive strain injury

7 Simple Repetitive Strain Injury Prevention Tips

In the previous article, we discussed the causes, symptoms, and treatment options for repetitive strain injury. In this article, tips to prevent repetitive strain injury or RSI will be discussed.

Most people nowadays use the computer all day, either for work, school, or to pass time and it is best that you know how to prevent RSI.

1. Keep the wrists in neutral position when typing.

It is important to keep your wrists in a neutral position when you type. Meaning, your wrists should not bend towards the left or the right, or bend upwards towards you. Typing with your wrists bent or placed in the wrong position will cause strain on your sheaths and tendons, and this will increase your risk of having repetitive strain injury. A badly adjusted keyboard is also one of the causes as it will be difficult to keep your wrists in a neutral position if your keyboard is placed in an uncomfortable position.

2. Use the proper technique when using the mouse.

Make sure that you keep your wrist joint in a neutral position when using the mouse, just as when using the keyboard. You can use a gel wrist rest to support your wrist when using the mouse. Most patients develop RSI in the hand that they use to move the mouse; it is best to avoid using it too often as much as possible.

3. Avoid bad posture.

repetitive strain injury

Keeping a good posture when working is important as it prevents many work-related injuries, including RSI. Use a chair that supports your spine and adjust your workstation to lessen the strain in your body. Keep your monitor, keyboard, and mouse in proper position to allow you to work as comfortably as possible.

4. Take a break.

Taking five-minute breaks every half hour or so is helpful in terms of preventing repetitive strain injury. This advice may be difficult to follow, especially for those who have scheduled breaks, but it is best if you find time to stretch or walk.

5. Exercise and eat healthy food.

Obesity is also one of the risk factors for RSI. If you are overweight, your muscles strain in order to support the extra weight. The best way to avoid this is to exercise and keep a healthy diet. Cardiovascular exercises such as swimming, walking, or running would be helpful in keeping a healthy body.

6. Visit a chiropractor.

A chiropractor may be able to point out causes of your symptoms that you may not have thought of, which will calm your fears.Do not just depend on the Internet to understand your symptoms as it may not be accurate. It is always important to see an expert.

7. Do not ignore your symptoms.

The pain caused by repetitive strain injury may sometimes subside if you ignore it, but such is not always the case. Paying no attention to your symptoms will only lead to worsening of your condition; you may develop carpal tunnel syndrome. Adjust your work station as early as possible and modify your work habits to avoid strain on your body. Practice proper typing and avoid using the mouse as much as possible. Try to rest your wrists and elbows when you can and do some appropriate upper body stretching exercises.

You do not have to wait until your symptoms become unbearable before you do something about it. Chiropractic adjustment can help manage and treat your symptoms. Visit us at the Back Doctor Chiropractic Clinic in Chester; we aim to successfully identify the cause of your symptoms and treat your condition with proper joint manipulation and adjustment.

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