We have a programme to suit you if you are suffering from a sports injury and you want to get back to your game as quickly as possible, or if you want to improve your performance to achieve the optimum in your sport. Either way you will find a plan suited to you at our Chester and North Wales Clinics

Sports Injury

If you do not follow the right procedure you may take longer than you need to recover and, in fact, you may never recover properly. Our chiropractor, Mr Massey, will give you a full examination to ascertain the level of your injury, careful treatment, not just to the injured area, but to your whole body (because you will heal better if everything is in balance), and a carefully graded exercise programme which will get you back to fitness while allowing your tissues to heal properly.

Peak Performance

If you want to perform better, regular treatment will improve your speed, flexibility and stamina. Just check out the sporting superstars who swear by chiropractic; Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tiger Woods, Martina Navratilova, Evander Holyfield and Derek Parra…. to name but a few!

As well as the standard chiropractic treatment, you may benefit from pain management advice, a tailored home exercise programme, and, for those interested in peak performance hypnotherapy may be useful.

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