When booking your appointment over the phone, you will be screened by a team member with a series of questions as there are still categories of patients that we are unable to treat at this time. We would appreciate your assistance by keeping to the following procedures:

To Control The Number Of People Within The Reception Area:

  • Please read and complete our ONLINE Information and Consent Form HERE for new patients and HERE for existing patients
  • Please do not remain in the clinic beyond your appointment.
  • Please keep to your appointment time, arriving not more than 5 minutes early.
  • Please come alone, unless accompanying a minor or assisting.

For Additional Hygiene Control:

  • Please wear your own face covering or mask at all times in the clinic.
  • Please use the hand sanitisers provided at the front desk on arrival at the clinic, or bring your own gloves.
  • Please use contactless, when possible.

What We Are Doing To Protect You: 

  • We risk assess every patient before booking
  • Increased treatment time so you don’t have to contact any other patients
  • Deep clean the whole clinic before every session
  • Clean and sterilise seating areas, door handles, chiropractic bench between each patient
  • Reception staff wear masks and will be situated behind a transparent screen
  • Chiropractors wear plastic aprons and gloves which are disposed of between patients. They also wear masks and have the option of using a visor when they are working close up or if you request it. 

Thank you for your patience, understanding and compassion over the last few months and the weeks ahead. We are now open to serve you more than ever. Wash your hands and let’s get started!