Arthritis Treatment

I am a pensioner and was having difficulty getting out of a chair and walking. After treatment I was given exercises to do at home which has helped me over the months. It is so good to be in less pain.

J Clack

I have arthritis of the spine with particular degeneration at the base of the spine. This causes the lower parts of the spine to lock up especially in the sacroiliac area, resulting in extreme pain travelling down into each leg and foot. The treatment began with releasing the stiffening joints referred to and a general manipulation to the whole lower back areas~ I was also given a list of gentle exercises that would help to keep the joints moving. The decision made by my husband to send me to Steve Massey has saved me from full days of unbearable pain,

Mrs H Townsend

Babies and Children

I have been a Paediatrician for almost two decades and meeting Stephen Massey and learning from him has made a significant impact in my practice with children. Consultant Paediatrician, MBBS, MD, MRCP, FRCPCH, MPH

S Sethi

Both my husband and I have, from time to time, been to see Steve Massey at St. Asaph Chiropractic Clinic with back complaints and he has been a great help to us both. So when our 15-year old son hurt his neck during a cricket match, we naturally thought to ask Steve for help again. Our son felt a bit uneasy about having his neck manipulated but Steve was very good at reassuring him and getting him to relax so that his neck could be sorted out quickly. On another occasion I took our 12-year old daughter to see Steve, as she had been complaining of pain down one leg. Steve expertly assessed and treated her and gave her some specific exercises to practise and she was very happy to be pain free and to learn how to also help herself. Back pain can really stop you in your tracks, and seeing your children in pain is horrible, that’s why it feels extra reassuring for us as parents to have Steve, working in our local community, who we can trust and rely on for treatment, when these things happen.

Mrs North

My eleven year old son was always complaining with his back, head and stomach ache, and he walked with a slouch. There was a great improvement after the very first visit and we went every few weeks. Now we go every 4 months. It was the best decision I have ever made. My son no longer walks with a stoop; he plays rugby and football and hardly ever complains with his back, stomach and head.


When we made our first appointment for Evie at 8 weeks, we were at our wits end. She was a very poor feeder with as yet undiagnosed severe reflux, wasn’t sleeping, required constant rocking and was generally unsettled. She has an elder brother who didn’t exhibit any of these symptoms, so we knew something was amiss. Steve was great with Evie from the outset, she wasn’t frightened or upset with the holding or contact with Steve, in fact she seemed very relaxed! At the end of the first session Evie had a feed and it was the most relaxed we have ever seen her during a feed. Following the first appointment, she was definitely more settled, and fed much better for the days following. She also seemed to sleep better. With subsequent appointments she improved further.

E Jones

Back Pain

I am very lucky to have Mr. Stephen Massey looking after me after I sustained neuro-muscular injury following an accident abroad in August 2007. Though the origin of the problem was not the back it did effect it significantly and the pain was unbearable initially. Mr. Mr Massey took me under his care and since then I have made remarkable recovery. He traced the problem to its origins and now I am performing even better than I did before the accident. His input has been kind, professional, caring and most importantly based on sound scientific judgements. It has not only been a healing experience with him but also a learning one. Very often we forget that each part of the body is connected to the other parts and holistic approach is the best way for long term wellbeing and happiness. I would whole heartedly recommend him to anyone who has a problem which is compatible to his area of expertise. I am confident that with Mr Massey’s expertise, warmth and kindness anyone will immediately commence their journey to recovery.

S Sethi, Consultant Paediatrician MBBS, MD, MRCP, FRCPCH, MPH

I had had terrible back pain for approximately six years before consulting Steve Massey to see if he could help. I had drawn a blank with my GP and hospital, and was told to learn to live with the pain. Even after the first session of treatment, the pain was a lot easier, and now after eight sessions I finally feel as though I am getting my life back on track. I am sorry that I did not do it years ago.

D Williams

Stephen has worked on my ongoing chronic SPD and back and neck problems. They are always put to rights by him. He offers good advice in aftercare and is always professional. I would not hesitate in recommending him

R Daley

Back Pain Emergency

At the clinic we received a comprehensive diagnosis of our problems prior to commencing treatment. Both the treatment and its effect were carefully explained during the sessions. During the treatment we were treated with the utmost courtesy and respect.

J and N Thirsk

Craniosacral Therapy

Two years ago I suffered a severe head injury whilst recovering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/M.E. In early April I decided to book an appointment with Steve Massey in St. Asaph, initially to look at a sore shoulder, but following my first consultation and treatment session it was decided that Cranio sacral therapy would be of benefit again, as well as more specific work on my shoulder. After only a couple of sessions I started to feel a significant improvement, my headaches subsided, my shoulder became less painful and my energy levels have started to return to what they were before I was diagnosed with CFS/M.E. in April 2006. I have been delighted with the overall improvement in my health and energy levels. I find that work is much more enjoyable and my body’s natural balance seems to have come back to what it was prior to two head injuries, a whiplash injury and a severe period of chronic illness with M.E. suffered over the last ten years. I am very positive about recommending to anyone, with any chronic health issues, the benefits of Cranio sacral therapy and I whole heartedly endorse the treatment that Steve Massey provides. With Steve’s support I feel I am going from strength to strength!!

Greg Carrier

I do not expect to live a pain free life having lived with chronic back pain following two failed spinal operations fifteen years ago. I eventually happened upon Steve Massey and following a combined course of cranio sacral therapy and chiropractic treatment, have managed to attain a better quality of life with improved pain control and being able to do more in my everyday life instead of being totally crushed by the effects of pain. Cranio sacral therapy- how does it work? I couldn’t begin to explain. All I know is that when I first received it I had never heard of it before and I was very sceptical. I had been feeling desperately ill for over 18 months (following the second back operation). I started having Cranio sacral treatment and began to feel better. Over the following years I have received the treatment from several practitioners and Steve Massey is the best practitioner I have been fortunate to meet. I would recommend anybody who is living with chronic pain to give it a try.



I first came to St. Asaph Chiropractic Clinic to be treated for migraine. The treatment has been wonderful. I feel great and have not had a migraine for quite a while now. Along with the treatment visits, I was given a good programme of easy, gentle exercises which have improved me greatly. I am very thankful for the help Stephen Massey has given me, I cannot recommend him enough!

U Mangan

Even after the first appointment I couldn’t believe the difference, it felt like a huge weight had literally been lifted off my head, and for the first time in over 10 years I didn’t have a headache. Since then with Steve’s treatment I have been able to increase the periods between my headaches. I also feel more relaxed internally, since the treatment time has taught me how to relax both my body and mind for a long period of time. I would certainly recommend the treatment Steve provides to anyone who has headaches/neck/shoulder pain. I can honestly say it has really changed my life.

W Smith

A few months ago I started to suffer with headaches. They were very slow starting, building up until I was shaking, feeling sick, having cold sweats and I needed to go home from work to bed. The first consultation revealed they were due to my posture and also an accident I had some years ago in which I injured my spine. The headaches stopped after my first visit.

B Jones

Joint and Muscle Pain

I had suffered with neck and shoulder pain for a number of years after a whiplash injury. The pain would appear most months for a period of a few days which would seriously affect my movement and on occasions the pain was so bad that even the simplest of tasks such as walking was unbearable. Since receiving treatment from Stephen and carrying out the exercises that he has suggested, to strengthen my back and neck, I can honestly say that I have had no recurrence of the symptoms that I had previously suffered.

E Dod

Neck Pain

I was diagnosed with arthritis of the neck, left shoulder and left arm in February 2007. After the first treatment I could move my neck arm and shoulder again- It was a huge relief after so many months of pain.

R Sivil

I had suffered with neck and shoulder pain for a number of years after a whiplash injury. The pain would appear most months for a period of a few days which would seriously affect my movement and on occasions the pain was so bad that even the simplest of tasks such as walking was unbearable. Since receiving treatment from Stephen and carrying out the exercises that he has suggested, to strengthen my back and neck, I can honestly say that I have had no recurrence of the symptoms that I had previously suffered.

E Dod

In 2006 I suffered a sudden onset of severe neck pain and the inability to turn my head whilst driving. After a few treatments I was much more comfortable and almost pain free. I continue to do his suggested exercises and am much improved.

DW Owen

Pregnant Mothers

I strongly recommend that every pregnant woman should have a consultation with a chiropractor. I have a condition called symphysis pubis diastasis (SPD) which is extremely painful and can be completely debilitating. I have seen my midwife, consultant obstetrician and physiotherapist regarding my condition, and none of them has been able to help me. They have offered me strong pain-killers, a very long stay in hospital and early induction of my labour. 1 treatment a week with Stephen Massey has changed my life. I may not be out of pain completely but my pain is now easily manageable.

L Smith

I have attended the Back Doctor Chiropractic Clinic to receive craniosacral therapy while expecting my first baby. This gentle and deeply relaxing therapy focused initially on reducing debilitating headaches. Now, nearly eight months into my pregnancy, I am reaping the benefits from regular treatments. Sessions over a period of weeks saw the headaches disappear; my posture has improved; I have not suffered from back pain common among pregnant women and; I have learnt relaxation techniques that I have been able to replicate at home, which has had the added impact of helping to reduce stress.

B. H. Jones

During my first pregnancy our sessions were extended to address headaches, to generally relax, to breathe easier and to relax muscles to make more room for the baby. I believe that this treatment was the main reason why I did not feel heavy back discomfort during most of my pregnancy. I also believe my daughter benefited from the treatment through having a more relaxed and mobile mother.

E Parker

Sports Injury

I am a Great Britain international masters athlete, 2011 double Welsh indoor and outdoor masters champion. I ruptured my medial ligament, badly tore my ACL & MCL ligaments and broke my knee cap into three pieces in an accident on February 17th, 2013. I was told by the surgeon that i would be unable to resume my regular gym program until sometime in 2014 and that i would not be able to run again until February 2014 which would take the form of only light jogging. However, with proper nutrition and supplementation, i was able to resume regular gym training in April but i lacked mobility and there was an awful build up of scar tissue. I started seeing Steve at the beginning of May 2013 and in two weeks i was able to jog, my range of motion had improved, and my flexibility had improved.. It is now June and i am nearly 100% healed as a result of . Mr Massey’s treatment. He is awesome and his knowledge of biomechanics etc is second to none. I will continue to visit him as part of my post training regime , and my pre race tune ups. Excellent service and a perfect gentleman.

T. Spalding

Mr Massey was both very understanding and empathic and also gave me a realistic time frame to chart my progress. He gave me simple exercises and stretches to do at home to allow me to strengthen my back. As a keen runner, I am in no doubt that the treatment I have received at the hands of Mr Massey has enabled me to continue with my running and other sports.

H Roberts

As a 40 year old who has always played a variety of sports and physical activities ranging from Badminton to Rugby and Boogie Boarding and back it was a great shock to rip the muscles in my lower back. Steve helped get me back on my feet and back to work in just a few weeks. That would have been good enough but then an extended treatment over the next few months had me back in the gym and rebuilding my back muscles. The work with Steve now means that I can actually feel the health of my spine and correct issues before it becomes a painful problem. In less than 6 months I was able to boogie board again and train to become an athletics coach. In 12 months I have taken up ice skating and I am progressing through the levels helped by a better understanding of my spine, muscles and balance taught through the chiropractic treatment. I would thoroughly recommend the treatments to anyone with back problems.

D. Heaton-Rue