Charlie Clubb Chartered Physiotherapist

Our physiotherapist will relieve your pain by restoring function and improving the mobility of your joints and muscles. Like all the therapists at our clinic he works hands on, gives home exercises and educates you so that you can remain pain free. He has degrees in sports science and physiotherapy and was head of the PE department at Queens Park High School in Chester, for eight years. He worked as a sports massage therapist for seven years before he qualified as a physio.

Charlie Clubb is a chartered physiotherapist who examines, diagnoses, and treats patients with disabilities or injuries. He has special interests in musculoskeletal disorders,  orthopaedics, neurology, and amputee rehabilitation.


Common Conditions that our Physiotherapist Treats


Neck Pain

chiropractic clinic can help neck pain

Plantar Fasciitis


Jaw Pain

Chester chiropractic clinic can help with headaches

Knee pain

running related injury

Back Pain

Back Pain and Genetics



Tennis Elbow

sports massage treatment


Cluster Headaches

Shoulder pain

therapeutic ultrasound

Muscle Strains


A Lot More than Physiotherapy

Our highly rated physiotherapist may be able to sort out your issues, but if he can't, we have a team of chiropractors and massage therapists who can help. We believe in active referral within the practice so that you can get the best treatment available. We offer the most comprehensive service for physical injuries in North Wales and we pride ourselves in working together to create a healing environment while working on sound evidence based medical principles.


Hands on treatment combined with exercise programmes and advice


Spinal alignment and joint mobilisations to give you better mobility

Sports Massage

Relaxing and toning tense muscles to support your treatment here.


Send your details and we will get in touch to give you advice or to book you in.