There is good evidence that chiropractic, osteopathy and physiotherapy can treat neck pain successfully. Mr Massey’s treatment will get you moving and feeling better in no time because it is based on his chiropractic training which he combines with osteopath and physiotherapy techniques.

Chiropractic for Neck Pain

The key with neck pain is to recognise that every case is different and many factors, like posture, how the strain happened,  and where the pain is referred to (shoulder, arm, back or head) must all be considered in the comprehensive interview and examination. For example, have you had a whiplash in a car accident? Do you turn your neck a lot in your job? Or are you bent over a keyboard all day long? The first goal of treatment is to relieve pain by correcting misalignment in the spine and reducing muscle inflammation. After a few treatments, most people find that their neck is freer and can turn further that it has done for many years. The main way you can tell your neck is getting better is when you go to reverse in your car and you realise that you can just turn your head without moving your whole body.

Now is the time to introduce a programme of exercises to get to the root of the problem and to make sure that you stay mobile and pain-free. Neck exercises consist of mobilisation (gentle movements) stretching and posture work. Ensuring correct posture is essential for a healthy neck. The neck should be supported by a strong upright back. If the upper back and chest are strong, the neck is free to move the head around easily, but if they are weak then the neck has to use its muscles to hold the head up, decreasing the head’s mobility.

After low back pain, neck pain is the most common complaint that Mr Massey treats at his clinics in Chester and North Wales.

Hear what Mr Massey’s patients have to say on the testimonials page.


I was diagnosed with arthritis of the neck, left shoulder and left arm in February 2007. After the first treatment, I could move my neck arm and shoulder again- It was a huge relief after so many months of pain.

R Sivil

I had suffered with neck and shoulder pain for a number of years after a whiplash injury. The pain would appear most months for a period of a few days which would seriously affect my movement and on occasions the pain was so bad that even the simplest of tasks such as walking was unbearable. Since receiving treatment from Stephen and carrying out the exercises that he has suggested, to strengthen my back and neck, I can honestly say that I have had no recurrence of the symptoms that I had previously suffered.

E Dod

In 2006 I suffered a sudden onset of severe neck pain and the inability to turn my head whilst driving. After a few treatments I was much more comfortable and almost pain free. I continue to do his suggested exercises and am much improved.

DW Owen