After your chiropractor has freed you joints, a good home exercise programme is essential for your recovery and to keep you from relapse. Every person is different and requires a different exercise regime. Each programme is made up of the following elements: Mobility, Stretching, Posture/Core Work, Strengthening.


Movement of the affected areas means muscles and joints that may have been deteriorating through inactivity come back to life, muscle tone improves, circulation increases and joints are better lubricated.


Problems arise where muscles have become tense and fibrous. Stretching often brings immediate relief and helps you feel great at the beginning and end of the day. Not only does stretching improve circulation, it helps to release knots and break down scar tissue which can build up in muscles and around joints. Everybody should include stretching as part of their home exercise routine

Posture/Cork Work

You cannot directly train your posture because it is controlled by your subconscious. This part of your brain needs to be trained gently through repetition in the same way as you teach a child. Balance and body awareness exercises are the mainstay of posture training and with the right approach you will achieve results quickly.


Building up areas of weakness will give support to your back, improving your posture and taking the strain off joints and muscles that may have been compensating. Strengthening exercises are always combined with posture work and the two work together synergistically. They are an essential part of the Back Doctor home exercise prescription.