If you walk smoothly the whole of your body will benefit; you will feel confident supported by strong and well toned legs. Many people benefit from custom orthotics or arch supports supplied by our chiropractor.

Every step you take, the whole of your body weight passes through your hip, knee and ankle joints. The slightest imbalance, over time, will lead to wear and tear in these joints. Dysfunctional movement in the legs leads to back pain.  An assessment of gait (how you walk) is essential in many cases of back pain or leg pain. Another important factor is the arch of your foot. This has a tendency to collapse as you get older and Mr Massey may prescribe an orthotic or arch support. Children sometimes benefit from orthotics as it can help their feet to develop a full arch if it is not forming properly. Normally they will be prescribed a temporary arch support along with exercises and spinal joint mobilisation.

The orthotics we supply at our Chester and North Wales clinics are moulded by heat to perfectly fit the contours of your feet. These heat moulded orthotics are effective for most people and they are substantially cheaper that custom made orthotics  as prescribed by a podiatrist or  chiroprodist.