Although arthritis is an inevitable part of the aging process it does not have to be debilitating. You do not have to just “take the medication and put up with it”.


If you are suffering due to arthritis there is a lot that can be done. The key is to understand that a lot of discomfort associated with arthritis is due to dysfunctional movement and the debris that has collected around the joints in your spine and elsewhere in the body. When you move less because of the discomfort, the arthritis develops more rapidly. We can help ease aching arthritic joints by adjusting them up so they move more freely. As your joints move better so they start to become better lubricated, fibres stop growing around them and the progress of arthritis is slowed. When your joints move better you feel better and this will empower you to exercise more. You will be encouraged to look after your joints by exercising to keep them mobile and lubricated, and to adjust your diet and take the right supplements such as glucosamine and omega oils.

Arthritis is a complex multi-system disorder and, for best results, it should be approached holistically.  Your individual arthritis treatment programme will be made up of a combination of the following elements: Diet/Supplement advice, Assessment, Home Exercise, Stress Management, and  Chiropractic Treatment. For arthritis of the hip, knee, ankle or foot, orthotics may be useful.

Hear what Mr Massey’s patients have to say on the testimonials page.


I am a pensioner and was having difficulty getting out of a chair and walking. After treatment, I was given exercises to do at home which has helped me over the months. It is so good to be in less pain.

J Clack

I have arthritis of the spine with particular degeneration at the base of the spine. This causes the lower parts of the spine to lock up especially in the sacroiliac area, resulting in extreme pain traveling down into each leg and foot. The treatment began with releasing the stiffening joints referred to and a general manipulation to the whole lower back areas~ I was also given a list of gentle exercises that would help to keep the joints moving. The decision made by my husband to send me to Steve Massey has saved me from full days of unbearable pain,

Mrs H Townsend