Massaggio muscolare sportivo

Sports massage helps to prevent and/or heal injuries to the muscles and tendons.  It helps to relieve pain, improve the healing of injuries, and to relax tense muscles. It is also relaxing and calming to the mind. After a sports massage treatment you should feel balanced in mind and body. 

Sports massage works well in combination with chiropractic treatment at our clinics in Chester and St Asaph or you can have a sports massage without chiropractic treatment 

Our Massage Therapist, Charlie Clubb, will give you a full consultation before starting treatment. He combines more gentle whole body relaxing work with vigorous techniques to specific areas of injury. It depends on your individual needs

Everyone can Benefit from Sports Massage and it is Vital for Athletes

sports massage treatment

As the number of people who engage in sport has grown, the demand for sports massage has greatly increased. It is now recognised as vital for athletic performance and recovery from injury

Sports massage helps to build up in the body after any vigorous physical activity. Athletes are prone to muscle overuse as they are always looking to improve their performance by enhancing their speed, stamina, strength, and flexibility. However, use of the muscles in this manner may cause imbalance which may limit the athlete’s activity and performance. It may also put them at risk of injury.  


What are the Benefits of Sports Massage?

Regular activity can cause tension build-up in the muscles that can result in stresses on the joints, ligaments, and tendons. Sports massage is used to release muscle tension and restore balance to the musculoskeletal system. It can help prevent injuries caused by overuse and overexertion, if received regularly.

Sports massage is beneficial to everyone, from professional athletes to regular joggers and even couch potatoes! It can help heal strained muscles and help improve endurance and performance.

Sports massage can be used for pre-event preparation to enhance an athlete’s performance, and also to reduce fatigue and help relieve pain after a sports event.

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