With luck, you will have a caring partner, and a supportive family and friends. Perhaps you have a birth partner to be with you at your birth, or you may have a professional Doula. You will have a good team of midwives at your disposal and there are amazing organisations such as the National Childbirth Trust that offer support during pregnancy.

I offer a unique service for mothers that combines with the support you already have to increase the chances of a beautiful, natural and magical birth.

Hypnobirth training helps you to understand the hormonal processes that structure birth. Breathing techniques, mindfulness, suggestion and visualisation can help you navigate each stage of birth without anxiety, with the ability to control pain and to relax.

The light touch techniques of craniosacral therapy will help you to relax more deeply than you have ever done before. Your brain will build new neural pathways which you can re-navigate to recreate the experience. Finding deep relaxation is like digging a well. Once it is dug you can go back for more water whenever you want .

You can choose to practice hypnobirth techniques or you can lay back and allow yourself to relax in silence with hands on craniosacral therapy…. OR you can have the experience of both techniques together for a most profound relaxing experience.