You may have had an accident at work,  you may suffer from a repetitive strain injury (RSI) or computer-related pain like carpal tunnel syndrome or posture related problems.

Whatever the cause of your injury at work, our chiropractor, Mr. Massey’s workplace injury programme will get you pain-free and back to work fast.

Statistics show that the longer you are off working the harder it is to get back to the Workplace Injury Programme aims to get you moving and pain-free as quickly as possible. Once you are able to return to work we offer ongoing support to get to the root of the problem which may involve helping you change how you work in order to put the least strain on your body. If you need help with insurance claims or creating back to work “light duties” plans we can help liaise with your company to work out the best plan for everyone.

Elements of the Workplace Injury Programme that we use at our clinics in Chester and North Wales  include treatment,  home exercise, pain management, stress management,  and workplace assessment.