After reading a recent study, a lot people are asking ” Why are skinny jeans bad for me?” There are many articles about how they can cause you back pain, but that is not the only problem that they can cause. Here are 5 more reasons why skinny jeans are bad for you.


  1. They can restrict the flow of blood to your legs

    This means the cells in your legs to do not get enough oxygen and nutrition. In addition to this toxins and waste substances may not be transported back up to be cleaned out in your body. So your legs become like stagnant pools

  2. They can cause you to lose your balance and fall over

    Your brain is dependent on sensory information coming from your legs to help you keep your balance. When you have tight fabric pressing on your legs, this information may distract your brain from the more subtle balance  information coming from your joints and skin. Wearing high heels and skinny jeans is a recipe for disaster.

  3. They can block your pores and make you smell bad

    The tight pressure of the fabric can stop your pores from breathing properly. They may get blocked leading to bad odour

  4. Chaffing can lead to infection

    Tight jeans rubbing on your skin can lead to problems like boils and other infections.

  5. They simply don’t  make you look cool

    Skinny jeans might show off your legs, but they inhibit your movement. If you wear looser clothes you can move in more natural attractive way.

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