diagnosis process

 The Diagnosis Process

Chiropractors always diagnose their patients before treatment. The diagnosis process is useful because it identifies the cause and indicates an effective treatment. Sometimes a treatment may not work and a further examination and diagnosis must be made and new treatments applied. This “working diagnosis” is neither a definite disease nor an end in itself; It is a management tool.

diagnosis process

Our chiropractic clinic in Chester uses this diagnostic tool to help manage their patients conditions. It is important to avoid giving them a clear cut diagnosis. The fact is that in most backaches, many of the possible diagnoses are coexistent. In most cases of severe backache, there will be muscle strain, ligament sprain, disc degeneration and facet joint dysfunction as well as postural syndrome and more. Effective management therefore involves treating all these factors and their associated problems.

If a patients problem is simply defined as being facet joint syndrome, there is a real danger that any other issues present are not addressed and subsequently treated.  Administering a steroid injection to the affected joint without any treatment to the associated muscles or pelvic misalignment may cause the problem to return. As a general rule, back problem arises due to a slow wear and tear process involving the muscles, joints and ligaments. It requires a structured programme of treatment to all the damaged areas. We advise postural and movement training combined with home exercise.

Being diagnosed with arthritis is for many people dis-empowering insomuch as they perceive nothing can be done to treat the condition. Patients then feel that their only option is to take painkillers for the rest of their lives.

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