How to Fight Stress This Holiday Season

How to Fight Stress This Christmas

We all like to celebrate Christmas but it can be a stressful time; from the to-do lists, to Christmas shopping after a long day at work, to traffic jams, to decorating your house, to organising family events, and everything else in between.

For some people, stress is almost inevitable during this season because there is so much to do and there are some things that you just can’t control. Some do online shopping but how long do you have to wait for the delivery to arrive? How many times do you have to call to follow up? So, is it still possible to have a Merry Christmas? Is it possible to combat stress?

Yes, of course it’s possible!

Six tips on how to fight stress this holiday season

Stretch – When you’re stressed, tension has a way of spreading throughout your body, making your muscles feel tight. Stretch when you have the opportunity; at home, in your office, in your car while waiting for the light to turn green. Stretching can relieve muscle tension.

Breath therapyProper breathing has many therapeutic benefits and one of them is to relieve stress. You can do some yoga or meditation in the morning before you start your day, or in the evening to relieve the stress that the long day has caused.

Don’t forget your posture – Avoid sitting on the floor when you’re wrapping your gifts as this is a pitfall for bad posture. This causes you to hunch over multiple times to reach for your gift wrapping supplies. Sit on a chair at a table to make it easier. Bad posture can cause back and shoulder discomfort.

Treat yourselfYes, Christmas is all about giving but you have to give something to yourself too. Take some time to do something that relaxes you. It could be staying in bed while reading or watching TV, drinking tea, writing, a long warm bath, going for a massage, exercising or going for a walk or run. Anything! Every person has their own way of relaxation but what’s important is you do what relaxes you. Don’t hesitate to have a “me” time.

How to Fight Stress This Holiday Season

Reach for that herbal tea – Chamomile tea has a calming effect. It is said to relieve stress, anxiety, and even insomnia.

Get chiropractic care – This is one of the most effective ways to fight stress this holiday season!  So how can chiropractic care help? A few effects of stress are headaches, muscle tension and contraction, nerve irritation and fatigue. Chiropractors can help release the tension and pain caused by stress. They can also recommend more relaxation techniques and posture improvement exercises.

Stress has a great impact on health and it is strongly advised that you know how to fight it, especially these days so you can enjoy the Christmas season to the fullest!


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