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At our chiropractic clinic near Rhyl we treat back painneck pain and headaches

Chiropractic treatment realigns the spine. A misaligned spine means imbalanced pulls on your muscles leading to pain. Chiropractic treatment is like straightening the poles of a wonky tent. You can play round with the canvas, the pegs or the guy ropes, but you will never have an upright tent if the poles are not straight. With an aligned back you will find your health improving on many levels and your body will just work better with more fluid movement.

As well as chiropractic we utilise the best of osteopath and physiotherapy techniques to ensure that you get better fast. Then we will give you a personalised home exercise programme so that you stay better.

Chiropractic Clinic near Rhyl Chiropractor

25, High Street
St AsaphDenbighshire LL17 0RD
Phone: 01745 535854


After taking a full medical history and performing spinal, orthopaedic and neurological examinations, we rule out any serious pathology and make a medical diagnosis (eg slipped disc)


This means exploring how muscles and joints move together. How is the body working? Are muscles over-tight or too weak? Are the spinal joints moving correctly without restriction?


Finally we make an holistic assessment. This means looking at other factors that may influence the problem such as posture, stress, work, diet and the feet

Chiropractic Clinic near Rhyl

We treat all sorts of people:

Sports People

Whether you need help recovering from sports injury or you want to take a few seconds off your speed, score more goals, lift heavier weights… whatever your sporting goals, we can help you achieve them by helping your body move effortlessly and smoothly  so that you are not wasting your energy and muscular power on ineffective movement.

Over 50s

As you get older your joints will start to wear. This is called arthritis. Our chiropractor near Rhyl will help you overcome the discomfort of arthritis. As well as mobilising arthritic joints we will advise you on how to look after your body with supplements and home exercises.


Having your spine aligned when you are pregnant will help relieve back pain which many women suffer and may even help with other common pregnancy related problems such as pubic symphysis dysfunction. As well as easing discomfort, our treatment will help create an optimum environment for your baby to grow in.

Babies and Children

Chiropractic treatment for babies and children is very gentle. When the have aligned spines they are able to grow into strong and healthy adults.

The Back Doctor

Mr Massey graduated in 2004 with first class honours in chiropractic. Since that time he has treated international athletes, professional dancers and over 2,000 patients at his Chester and St Asaph clinics. "There is an epidemic of back pain in he UK and yet most people do not need to suffer at all. I am passionate about giving people the right treatment, the right education and the right exercises, so they can live active pain-free lives".


Mr Massey's input has been kind, professional, caring and most importantly based on sound scientific judgements. It has not only been a healing experience with him but also a learning one. Very often we forget that each part of the body is connected to the other parts and the holistic approach is the best way for long term well-being and happiness.

S Sethi, Consultant Paediatrician MBBS, MD, MRCP, FRCPCH, MPH

Even after the first appointment I couldn’t believe the difference, it felt like a huge weight had literally been lifted off my head, and for the first time in over 10 years I didn’t have a headache. Steve has taught me how to relax both my body and mind and, for a long period of time, I have not had a headache. I can honestly say it has really changed my life.

W Smith

Steve helped get me back on my feet and back to work in just a few weeks. That would have been good enough but then an extended treatment over the next few months had me back in the gym and rebuilding my back muscles. The work with Steve now means that I can actually feel the health of my spine and correct issues before it becomes a painful problem.

D. Heaton-Rue

I have a condition called symphysis pubis diastasis (SPD) which is extremely painful and can be completely debilitating. I have seen my midwife, consultant obstetrician and physiotherapist but none of them has been able to help me. They have offered me strong pain-killers, a very long stay in hospital and early induction of my labour. 1 treatment a week with Stephen Massey changed my life.

L Smith

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