Tips for perfect posture

Have you ever experienced back pain after hours of driving or sitting in class or at work? You may think that it is normal for someone who stays seated for hours. Well, It is for someone with a poor posture, but your posture can be improved, and with a proper, healthy posture, back pain can be avoided.

Here are the 10 tips for a perfect posture.

Tips for perfect posture

1. Use different kinds of reminders.

At first, you’re going to need help to remind you to keep your posture. You can use post-it notes or even phone alarms every 10 minutes or so, or anything to remind you. Once your body gets used to that posture, you will no longer need reminders.

2. Practice yoga.

Yoga is a good way to improve strength and flexibility, which will help you improve your posture.

3. Find out what sitting position works best for you.

If you’re used to slouching, you might find sitting up straight uncomfortable at first, so you need to find the position that’s most comfortable for you.

4. At work, make sure that your office equipment are in the right position.

It’s important that your computer monitor, keyboard, and mouse are positioned correctly so you don’t need to lean forward when working. The position and height of your office chair should be correct, too.

5. Do the Golden Thread visualization technique.

One of the most helpful techniques to help achieve good posture is this: Visualize a golden thread coming from your head, pulling you up to the ceiling when you are walking. This can help you remember to straighten your spine when you walk.

6. Think of yourself as royalty.

By that, I mean in posture. Sit, stand, and walk like a prince or a princess.

7. Wear supportive, comfortable shoes.

High-heeled shoes may improve your posture when you walk as they make you stand and walk tall, but wearing them regularly can affect the alignment of your body, thus affecting your back.

8. Do not overprotect your posture.

Try not to tighten up your muscles when you’re trying to sit or stand up straight. Not only will this make you look stiff, it will also cause muscle strain. Just relax and be natural.

9. Take breaks.

Sitting for hours is tiring, no doubt. Shake out the tension from time to time and stretch.

10. Keep your patience.

Correcting your posture, especially if you have had a bad posture for years, is frustrating. It takes a lot of practice and getting used to. Keeping your patience is one of the keys to getting that healthy posture.

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