There are powerful techniques that can help you manage your pain while you are waiting for it to subside. Getting the right medication, the correct use of ice and heat, the right exercises, breath control, mindfuless meditation and self hypnosis all play a role in pain management.

The Holistic Approach to Pain Relief

When you have a painful episode, even with the most effective treatment, you will have to put up with pain for days or even weeks while you wait for the treatment to take effect. While you are waiting you will want to learn ways to manage your pain.

The Pain Relief programme at Back Doctor clinics will teach you the latest and most effective ways to manage pain. We use the best techniques from mainstream medical world as well as complementary tools that have been show to work.

Some people are suffering from long term organic pain conditions that cannot be treated. If you are suffering from such a condition you may want to take part in a more long term pain relief programme during which you will be trained to use  psycho emotional techniques to control the pain using the power of your own mind.  This may include elements of hypnotherapy, mindfulness meditation  and self hypnosis.

Mr Massey is not only a fully qualified chiropractor, he is also a trained hypnotherapist with many years of experience.